Compliance.  It’s one of those bittersweet situations.  There’s so many different regulations and levels, all in place to protect our privacy, rights, and identity.

Our CipherPost Pro Email Encryption service has been popping lately with compliance regulations cracking down more.  CipherPost Pro is an extremely robust service with data loss prevention (DLP), large file attachments up to 5GB, e-signature, email tracking, branded to YOUR client, and the many different ways the service can be accessed.

There’s one more thing most are not aware of with CipherPost Pro, which could help some clients with their specific compliance regulations around email archiving.  With CipherPost Pro, we are able to configure a secure connection with Global Relay archiving.  This would provide enable your client to have ALL of their emails archived, even the encrypted ones!  We can create secure connections to other archives too, but we highly recommend utilizing Global Relay.  And what better time than now?  There’s a Global Relay promo until the end of the year!  See the below offer!

Global Relay Data Import Fee Offer for Partners and Clients

  • Data Import Fees are waived up to 6GB/user pooled during initial migration to Global Relay. Additional data import requirements will be quoted at standard rates
  • Not valid with any other bundled deals or promotional offers from Global Relay

Promo available through 12/31/16! 

Guarantees in life? Very few actually exist and most of them aren’t exactly positive. So to turn the tide more favorable, AppRiver has decided to add our own guarantee to the stack: 100% Partner success. Only this guarantee is much more than a cliché – it’s designed to put money in your pocket!

What exactly does that mean? Well, sign up as an AppRiver partner and put five or more customers on any of our services. At the end of six months, if they or you aren’t satisfied, we’ll provide you with up to $500 in migration licenses and assistance to help migrate your customers elsewhere.

Why would we do that? Easy – we’re confident that you will love AppRiver’s award-winning partner program. With multiple partner levels, dedicated channel sales advisors, expert migration assistance, friendly margins, available co-branding and Phenomenal Care™ customer service, all of the tools you need to be successful are here, ready for you. Don’t forget that we’re also providing enterprise-grade cloud services that help power over 53,000 customers worldwide. Wrap all of that in with our guarantee and you can’t miss!  Find out more here.

This guarantee is valid for new partners who sign up with AppRiver on or after September 1, 2016 and applies to partners who bring five or more new customers who must convert from trial to paid status. For more information, give us a call at (866) 223-4645 or simply fill out the form here and one of our phenomenal Channel Sales Advisors will be in touch shortly.


And all they have to do to get it is refer a partner to us. We know that our partners are always looking to increase profit margins, make more money, go on that trip to Hawaii or get that ’64 Mustang they’ve been dreaming about. We get it. Now, we’re helping them get a little closer to those goals. Right now AppRiver is offering any existing AppRiver Partner $500 when they refer any non-AppRiver partner to us. It gets better! The partner they refer will also get a $100 credit applied to their first invoice. The same deal applies if our partners refer multiple partners. It’s a WIN WIN! Also, our partners can be assured that AppRiver’s partner friendly agreement will keep the playing field even. If you are an existing partner (or want to find out how to join up with a company who hooks up their partners like we do) give us a call now at (866) 223-4645 and ask about the Partner Referral program to learn more and get started.

If you are an existing partner….

You can also send the link below to a potential AppRiver partner, have them fill the form out, listing you as the referral source. Be sure to provide them with your AppRiver Partner ID number.

AppRiver Partner Referral Spiff Program.

In order to receive credit for the referral, the referred partner must sign up through the “Partner Referral Form” and enter your AppRiver Partner ID number on our Partner Referral Landing page.

As a referring AppRiver partner you’ll get a $250 credit to your invoice up front once your referred partner signs up. The remaining $250 credit will be applied once your referred partner has signed up their first customer on any AppRiver service and that customer is converted from trial to paid.

What are you waiting for? The money is sitting here waiting on you.


…but don’t forget to watch your back(end)!

It’s a bad feeling when you learn that a service you’ve been using (or selling) has been discontinued or when you realize that it’s not meeting your needs anymore.  And the feeling is much worse when its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which means that you have already forgone many physical solutions to leverage the power and convenience that cloud-based solutions can offer.

This bad situation escalates when you also have channel customers that rely on you to provide these essential cloud services.  Last year, McAfee Email Protection became yet another cloud service to exit the marketplace.  And while Intel Security was quick to identify another provider with a similar service, customers were still required to either start from scratch to find a different provider or to take Intel’s advice and go with the next guy.  Both options still required all mailboxes to be provisioned again, along with complete data migration to another system – not convenient and not without risk.

So as a channel provider, is there a way to avoid being in this position?  Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet, but there are steps you can take to cut down on risk.

      1. Align yourself with providers who specialize in cloud-based services.
        In such a dynamic industry where capabilities and solutions are evolving daily, the hunt to find consistency and stability in an intangible The cloud industry may not be in its infancy anymore, but it is still exclusively a creation of the 21st century.  Companies that were born in the cloud are typically more apt to stay in the cloud.  Many larger technology providers have attempted to gain cloud traction through acquisition.  However, we’ve seen repeatedly that successful cloud-based companies tend to be leaner and more capable of adapting quickly to industry changes.  Larger corporations who’ve acquired cloud-based divisions to enter the market often find that it’s easier to cut their losses and exit rather than to adapt their core business and development models to fit the cloud market.  As with any acquisition or merger, the risk when joining two businesses is that the cultures may be dissimilar.   Bottom line: when you need to open a can, don’t try to find the multi-purpose tool when a can opener is right in front of you.   The right tool for your needs is always the best solution.
      2. Take small steps to avoid big pitfalls.
        It’s not difficult to find robust, powerful tools that support a successful business continuity plan.  From cloud backups of emails and communications to physical safeguards such as generators, modern businesses are now in much better shape to avoid financial disaster when disaster strikes.  But aside from complex technology solutions, consider that a key function of your business continuity plan should be an in-depth yearly review.  Take the time to reevaluate exactly what you or your customers need.  Look around.  Evaluate other services or products.  Don’t sign long-term contracts if you can avoid it – what works today may be obsolete in six months.  Have a contingency plan (even if it’s written on a napkin!) so that if you ever face the end of life for a service, you won’t be out of options and you’ll know how to make your next move.
      3. Read the fine print.
        Cloud-based services typically come with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  While not necessarily engaging prose, SLAs are typically very detailed in covering exactly what you can expect as a customer and what your rights are if the service doesn’t perform to guaranteed levels of uptime.  Most will also include explanations as to your rights if the company ever declares bankruptcy.  Find out how long you have to recover your data if a situation ever occurs.  Review your SLAs and contact your provider with any questions.  If you’re looking at a new service or provider, be sure to review their SLAs.  Make sure services and providers align with your infrastructure.  If you ever need to leave a service, ensure that your data can be retrieved in a readable and useful format.  Diligence is its own reward since the answers are usually found in the fine print, regardless of how obscure or vague they are made.

At the risk of sounding like a bumper sticker, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  Your business is your livelihood so you owe it to yourself and to your customers to keep your options open so that you can react if needed and put yourself in a position to succeed.