Are you currently selling clients Office 365 or Hosted Exchange? Our SPIFF for September and October is focused on bundling these services with one or more of our other solutions. Our goals are to help you retain clients by improving their email and web security. (And it doesn’t hurt that it’ll also increase your first year […]

In the fight against malware many think that a firewall, desktop anti-virus software, or a piece of hardware can effectively protect them.  While this might have been true at one time, within the past couple of years the attack vector has decidedly shifted from email to web based.  We’ve found through careful testing that the best approach […]

We’ve introduced a new feature to our SecureSurf Web Protection that proactively notifies you if your client’s network is compromised.  As you can imagine, having real time notifications of malware trying to connect outside a network is a powerful tool for you, the client’s Security Expert.  Since its a new feature there are some tweaks we […]