When dealing with email migrations the one hurdle that has been hard to overcome is the amount of man hours devoted to email migration and onsite Outlook Configuration.  With our BitTitan partnership we’ve been addressing the email data migration issue by offering our partners wholesale pricing on MigrationWiz for several years.  Recently we’ve added several […]

We’ve partnered with BitTitan to bring our partners even more automation than with MigrationWiz for email alone.  The new offerings provide the ability to automate most of an email migration from data migration to Outlook automation to DNS configuration.  In addition we now have tools available to partners for migrating personal archives, public folders, and […]

Hi Team, We’ve been deploying Exchange 2013 for a few months now and partners are loving it!  With the success of Exchange 2013 we’re preparing for the removal of 2010 as a provision-able service for  partners. As of May 1st, 2015 the AppRiver Partner Community will no longer be able to provision Exchange 2010. You’ll […]

As a reminder AppRiver Secure Exchange 2013 primary/alias domain swaps are not yet available.  If customers would like to sign in with a different domain we do have the option of changing the Outlook login and send from address.  When the feature becomes available we’ll make sure to send out a notification.  For now though […]