In today’s email and office suite world there are two elephants in the room that no one can ignore, Office 365 and Google Apps.  Understanding which one is right for your clients office needs is a little less obvious.  There are benefits to either option and a slew of opinions on both sides.  AppRiver’s own Office 365 […]

When dealing with email migrations the one hurdle that has been hard to overcome is the amount of man hours devoted to email migration and onsite Outlook Configuration.  With our BitTitan partnership we’ve been addressing the email data migration issue by offering our partners wholesale pricing on MigrationWiz for several years.  Recently we’ve added several […]

In today’s highly connected business environment keeping your users from making decisions that can impact the security of your company is becoming increasingly complicated.  Shadow IT is defined as employees making technology decisions without approval from management and is ranked by Gartner as one of the top threats to Corporate IP in 2015.  Most commonly, this is employees […]