And all they have to do to get it is refer a partner to us. We know that our partners are always looking to increase profit margins, make more money, go on that trip to Hawaii or get that ’64 Mustang they’ve been dreaming about. We get it. Now, we’re helping them get a little closer to those goals. Right now AppRiver is offering any existing AppRiver Partner $500 when they refer any non-AppRiver partner to us. It gets better! The partner they refer will also get a $100 credit applied to their first invoice. The same deal applies if our partners refer multiple partners. It’s a WIN WIN! Also, our partners can be assured that AppRiver’s partner friendly agreement will keep the playing field even. If you are an existing partner (or want to find out how to join up with a company who hooks up their partners like we do) give us a call now at (866) 223-4645 and ask about the Partner Referral program to learn more and get started.

If you are an existing partner….

You can also send the link below to a potential AppRiver partner, have them fill the form out, listing you as the referral source. Be sure to provide them with your AppRiver Partner ID number.

AppRiver Partner Referral Spiff Program.

In order to receive credit for the referral, the referred partner must sign up through the “Partner Referral Form” and enter your AppRiver Partner ID number on our Partner Referral Landing page.

As a referring AppRiver partner you’ll get a $250 credit to your invoice up front once your referred partner signs up. The remaining $250 credit will be applied once your referred partner has signed up their first customer on any AppRiver service and that customer is converted from trial to paid.

What are you waiting for? The money is sitting here waiting on you.

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