Compliance.  It’s one of those bittersweet situations.  There’s so many different regulations and levels, all in place to protect our privacy, rights, and identity.

Our CipherPost Pro Email Encryption service has been popping lately with compliance regulations cracking down more.  CipherPost Pro is an extremely robust service with data loss prevention (DLP), large file attachments up to 5GB, e-signature, email tracking, branded to YOUR client, and the many different ways the service can be accessed.

There’s one more thing most are not aware of with CipherPost Pro, which could help some clients with their specific compliance regulations around email archiving.  With CipherPost Pro, we are able to configure a secure connection with Global Relay archiving.  This would provide enable your client to have ALL of their emails archived, even the encrypted ones!  We can create secure connections to other archives too, but we highly recommend utilizing Global Relay.  And what better time than now?  There’s a Global Relay promo until the end of the year!  See the below offer!

Global Relay Data Import Fee Offer for Partners and Clients

  • Data Import Fees are waived up to 6GB/user pooled during initial migration to Global Relay. Additional data import requirements will be quoted at standard rates
  • Not valid with any other bundled deals or promotional offers from Global Relay

Promo available through 12/31/16! 

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