Are you currently a Microsoft Advisor and trying to make sense of the recent email Microsoft sent to Advisor partners: In an effort to increase transparency and awareness, we wanted to reiterate the strategic changes that we are making in the Advisor and CSP incentives. Microsoft’s long-term strategy prioritizes through-partner sales motions and we remain […]

Are you currently selling clients Office 365 or Hosted Exchange? Our SPIFF for September and October is focused on bundling these services with one or more of our other solutions. Our goals are to help you retain clients by improving their email and web security. (And it doesn’t hurt that it’ll also increase your first year […]

Cloud Tango - It's Angie's List...for MSP's

You are on Google.  You got yourself a Facebook page.  You set up a LinkedIn account. You even pay for advertising.  But if you aren’t listed on Cloud Tango….then you are missing out on an up and coming (free) MSP comparison service.  Cloud Tango helps MSP’s list their specialties and gives you a platform to […]