In today’s email and office suite world there are two elephants in the room that no one can ignore, Office 365 and Google Apps.  Understanding which one is right for your clients office needs is a little less obvious.  There are benefits to either option and a slew of opinions on both sides.  AppRiver’s own Office 365 channel program is an award winning option so instead of weighing in on the matter (hint, we love Office 365) I’ll point the way to this Gartner report.  It doesn’t point to a winner or lose in the battle of the boxes but instead helps to guide you on your path to figuring out the right option for you and your clients’ business.

After reading it if you’d like more info on becoming an office 365 partner click here and one of our non commissioned consultants will give you a call.  Experience the AppRiver Phenomenal care model right from the beginning.

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