Since my original post about Office 2016 upgrades there have been a couple of questions on issues that have popped up.  This post is due to some hard work from our Channel Sales teams who worked with partners to dig into their issues and how to get them resolved.  It may sound strange to see that a sales team helps with issues like this but its just one more thing that sets AppRiver’s sales teams apart from the rest of the pack.  Our sales teams are highly technical, non commissioned, and entirely relationship driven.  Drop us your info here if you haven’t gotten to experience the AppRiver Phenomenal experience yet. Now on to the meat of the situation.

Since the recent 2016 365 update we have had a few partners calling saying that their environment wasn’t compatible and that they wanted access to older versions of these products. Here are a few of the workarounds we have found:

Office 2013 – AppRiver support can provide a direct link to 2013 OR if the client has Office Pro Plus there is actually an option via the Microsoft Online Portal that can be enabled that will let you select which version you would like to download.

Skype 2015 – Currently, there is not a direct download link for Skype For Business 2015 since that program actually came from an update to Lync 2013. To install Skype 2015 you will have to follow the steps below:

  1. Install Lync 2013 from one of the following links:
  2. Install Office 2013 Service Pack 1 from the following link:
  3. Install both Skype for Business updates from the following links. (If you do want to use this method you can run Windows and Office updates on the machine until it upgrades automatically)

If you need to use Skype 2016 instead because users have already upgraded to Office 2016 you can install that client from the link below.




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