In the fight against malware many think that a firewall, desktop anti-virus software, or a piece of hardware can effectively protect them.  While this might have been true at one time, within the past couple of years the attack vector has decidedly shifted from email to web based.  We’ve found through careful testing that the best approach isn’t a single guardian at the gate, but rather multiple layers of guardians.  AppRiver’s SecureSurf is a lightweight, easy to set up, malware filtering guardian designed to protect your network and alert you if anything malicious tries to call home.  It’s not designed to replace any system you currently have in place but instead to better it.  Try out a 30 day trial and give your clients a 30 day Malware health checkup.  If you get one of our Critical Threat Notifications (below is one an actual partner sent us who had multiple security measures in place already for a client…names and branding changed) you’ll know its time to investigate a client’s network.  Call us at 850-932-5338 to get more info.




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