Our roles as experts in Information Technology and as Trusted Advisers is to discover the needs of our clients and provide solutions that meet or exceed the needs of that client based on priority and budget.  One of the most important aspects of a client’s technology needs is ensuring the solution works and if/when it doesn’t that we have a Plan B… and sometimes C.

Let’s talk about Plan B and C.

For your clients that are utilizing an on premise mail server or a hosted mail solution other than AppRiver Secure Hosted Exchange we can help with Plan B, SecureTide Spam and Virus Filtering, and Plan C, Email Continuity.

How does SecureTide Spam and Virus Filtering protect your client’s email?  In addition to being a spectacular spam and virus filter SecureTide acts as a safety net for your client’s email when a connection to their mail server is lost.  Built into this safety net is a notification system where you can get emails or text messages regarding the lost connection in as little as 15 minutes.  While the client’s connection is offline we’ll continue to hold mail in our queue until the connection is re-established.

PRO TIP – If you find that the connection to the client’s mail server may be offline for an extended period, call or email our support team to place a manual hold on the mail.  This will prevent automated mail delivery attempts and reduce the risk of mail loss.  Give us a little update on the situation so we can note your account and then give us a ring when you’d like us to re-establish the connection.

For clients or employees who rely heavily on email what options do they have? AppRiver Email Continuity to the rescue.  Your clients will still get the safety net of our spam and virus filter but will also get a secondary mailbox with a 30 day rolling mail history. Email Continuity is just like the line item on your auto insurance for a rental car while the daily driver (your primary mailbox) is down for repairs.  A user with AppRiver Email Continuity enabled simply logs into their Customer Portal and launches Outlook Web Access to continue from point A to B with their day to day communication until their primary mail environment is back up and operable.

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Once active for 30 days the user will always have a 30 day mail store operate from.  If the service has been active less then 30 days the store will be as long as the user has been an active AppRiver Email Continuity user.  Your customer is able to continue communicating during a service interruption and the best part for you is that post event there is no email to re-import.  The SecureTide Spam and Virus filter seamlessly delivers the mail queue downstream to your clients mail server.  Can you say #winwin!

A couple of questions to help qualify a customer for Email Continuity;

  • How important is email to your organization?
  • If your email was not accessible what would you lose?
  • If I could offer you a solution as “Email Insurance” for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month per user would you be interested?

Please contact your Channel Sales Advisor for more information and to learn how to successfully deploy AppRiver Email Continuity.  While you are on the phone ask about AppRiver University’s, Email Continuity Sales and Support Certifications to help you make email “insurance” easy!

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Thank you for reading and thank you for choosing AppRiver!

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