Dear Partners,

Summertime is coming to an end, but for those of us on the Atlantic and Gulf Coast, this is the time of year when hurricane season reaches its peak. No matter where you are, however, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you and your customers have a business continuity plan in place. If your network goes down for any reason, AppRiver can help you make sure your email doesn’t go with it.

Stay safe. And, as always, we appreciate your business.


Robyn Philips


AppRiver listened to your input and now we’re developing a new SMS alert system for partners to let you know when we are experiencing an outage or intermittent connectivity with our services. The text notification is an extension of our enhanced alert system that includes real-time information at you haven’t done so already, click here and enter your name, your company, your email address and the phone number to which you’d like the SMS message sent. You may add contact information for up to three members of your organization. As we complete the buildout of the alert system, you will be able to access and change the contact information from your Customer Portal.
Obviously, we work to avoid outages and interruptions, but when they do occur, this system will help save you valuable time in tracking down the source of the problem.


Voting is still open for’s Readers’ Choice Survey. If you and your customers like AppRiver’s Secure Hosted Exchange, click here, scroll down and look for the Readers’ Choice poll on the right. You can also leave comments in the section under the survey. We appreciate your support.


Over the summer, AppRiver launched two promotional campaigns, one for Secure Hosted Exchange and the other for CipherPost Pro. Prizes ranged from a beach vacation to tablets to gift cards and we’re shipping prizes now. What we want to know is how we can make these promotional offers even better. If you have ideas about promotional offers you’d like to see, drop me an email and let me know. I’ll pass along your suggestions to our marketing department.


Take action now. After April 8, 2014, there will be no new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates for Windows XP SP3 and/or Office 2003. Running these in your environment after the end of life support date may expose your company to potential risks, such as:

  • Security & Compliance Risks: Unsupported and unpatched environments are vulnerable to security risks. This may result in an officially recognized control failure by an internal or external audit body, leading to suspension of certifications, and/or public notification of the organization’s inability to maintain its systems and customer information.
  • Lack of Independent Software Vendor (ISV) & Hardware Manufacturers support: A recent industry report from Gartner Research suggests “many independent software vendors (ISVs) are unlikely to support new versions of applications on Windows XP in 2011; in 2012, it will become common.” And it may stifle access to hardware innovation: Gartner Research further notes that in 2012, most PC hardware manufacturers will stop supporting Windows XP on the majority of their new PC models.



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