Dear Partners,

Springtime we sure hope is coming soon, but for many of us, the year has started with some vicious winter storms. No matter where you are, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you and your customers have a business continuity plan in place. If your network goes down for any reason, AppRiver can help you make sure your email doesn’t go with it.

Stay safe. And, as always, we appreciate your business.


Robyn Philips


Partner co-branding management has been moved from the Partner Pavilion to the Partner Area in the Customer Portal. This was done to enhance the Partner experience by providing one central location for partner co-branding management. Also, tool tips have been added to explain logo requirements.

Check out AppRiver Tools, a collection of free tools for email research. You can see more results here.

Sign up with CompTIA as an AppRiver referred partner and you’ll qualify for a $100 discount off the normal $250 annual cost to be a CompTIA member. Visit AppRiver’s dedicated partner sign-up page here.

Click here to sign up for AppRiver’s SMS alerts to have system status information sent to you by text message.


If you want to receive bulk mail, but don’t necessarily want it clogging up your inbox, AppRiver has created a bulk mailer feature that will automatically assign such messages to their own folder. To find out how to do enable this feature, click here.


Here’s a quick guide to some the URLs that are used most frequently by our partner community. If you can’t find what you’re looking for from AppRiver, check and make sure you’re in the right place. But always feel free to call us with any questions.

  • This is where you can create accounts and add services (except ECS and Global Relay, which take an email to Also use this link to manage partner users, for co-branding needs and other partner specific functions.
  • This is the CipherPost Pro™ email encryption portal.
  • User and Admin URLs: Admins will have one URL for management and users will have another to access their own Cipher Post Pro encryption portal.
  • Microsoft Online Portal (MOP): Office 365 services are managed in the MOP.
  • Parallels: Billing information for Office 365 services is managed in Parallels at
  • Global Relay Portal: Global Relay archiving is managed through
  • ECS: Email Continuity emails can be accessed through or


Clients with Windows XP computers that login to the Customer Portal will see a new warning about the end of life for this version of the Microsoft operating system. As a practical matter, this means no more updates or support, which could lead to security issues or even data loss. We urge you to encourage your customers to switch now. However, you might also let them know that their data on AppRiver servers will not be at risk. AppRiver will continue to support products on XP machines as best we can under the limits of XP until further notice.



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